Custom cat gift for the cat owner

This week, the owners of a pet shop in the Old City of Jerusalem decided to celebrate their pet’s birthday with a custom cat gift.

The shop was founded in the early 20th century, when the owner of the pet shop, who lived in the neighborhood, took a young cat to the animal shelter and brought it back with him, as a gift.

But the cat ended up being in danger, and it was only then that the owner decided to put the cat up for adoption.

The owner, who is still alive, took the cat to a veterinarian who diagnosed it with microcephaly, a rare condition in which a baby is born with abnormally small head circumference.

The kitten was born in the clinic, but it was too early to go home, so the owner took the kitten to the pet store, where he gave the cat a custom bespoke gift, which the owner called a “cat bone.”

This custom cat bone is made of a natural material that was chosen for its durability and durability is the heart of the item.

The pet shop owner said that he is happy that his customers have chosen this special item for their pets.

“This bone is very special for the pet owner, because he will get to see the happy face of the owner, the special touch of the custom cat bones.

This is the only thing that we sell, we have nothing else,” he said.

The item is made from the bones of three different species of cat, but the owner chose the cat bone from the species that he has seen on the street.

He said that his shop does not sell any other animal bones.

“For the owner to be happy is very important.

It makes me proud that we are able to sell something like this,” the owner said.

According to the owner’s description on the shop’s website, the custom bespecial cat bone was made of natural stone and metal, but he added that it is handmade.

“The custom cat was created by hand by the owner and is made with a natural stone,” the description said.

“Its quality is very high and it will last forever,” he added.

According the shop owner, it is a custom bone that is only available in Israel, but a similar custom bone can be made for any animal.

The custom cat is also made in China, but Israel has a shortage of stone to make such a bone, the owner explained.

The animal bones that are available for sale are made from imported natural stone, and the shop is currently making its own.

The handmade pet bone is a unique and important item for the owner because it makes the owner feel proud and special, he said, adding that he would love to make it again someday.

The cat bone has been a popular gift item for years.

According, the shop was selling its special bespoke cat bone for 10,000 shekels (approximately $10) for a few months, before selling it out.

The owners plan to keep it in a jewelry box.

The Pet Shop in Old City Jerusalem is located in the heart to the Old city, and has a unique feel.

There are a number of different restaurants in the area, including the famed Kabbalah Café, which has a large garden with a pond and a fountain, and a pet store which offers cats and kittens for sale.

A popular tourist attraction in the nearby Old City, Pet Shop No. 4, is also located in Old Town, and is open 24 hours a day.

[Photo: Adel Yassin/The Jerusalem Post]

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