How hockey players can help the fight against the flu

As more and more people around the world struggle with flu symptoms, there’s a new focus on what players can do to help keep the pandemic from taking hold.

The NHL has partnered with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to develop customized gifts for players and coaches that they can gift to friends and family.

Players and coaches are being asked to send in a gift that matches the game.

The NHL has also partnered with other organizations to offer personalized gifts to players who can’t attend games.

For example, a player who plays for the New Jersey Devils could have a customized puck to hand out to friends or family.

“Our goal is to give back to the community and the community can help with this.

So when you’re a player and you’re sick, that’s one thing,” said NHL Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications Mike O’Malley.

O’Malley added that it’s important for fans to know where their favorite players and their teams are playing so they can give them the gifts they want.

“We want the players to know they’re part of the team,” he said.

Olympic gold medalist and former New Jersey Devil Mike Cammalleri sent his family a custom-made hockey mask and a custom gift card that will be used for flu vaccines.

He said it’s been a challenge to find gifts for his family.

Cammalleria said he had to fight through the flu season because of the cold weather and the lack of food.

He’s thankful for the NHL’s help and hopes the gift cards and masks can be a gift to help others get through the pandemics cold season.CAMMALLERIE’S NOTEBOOK: The NHL is giving a new way to support the NHL Foundation.

For the past two weeks, the NHL has been sharing their gift cards, the team jersey, the players and coaching staffs logo on social media to help players and teams keep up with the pandemaker.

The hockey players have been asked to give out their customized gifts.

For example, the Devils player Zach Parise sent his parents a personalized puck, while a player in the New York Islanders’ group also donated a custom helmet.

Ole Miss center Alex Ovechkin sent his son a personalized jersey and a gift card.

The team has also given out a personalized hockey mask to a player on the New Orleans Hornets who had a bout with flu and had to wear a mask.

The goal is for fans who are sick to donate and buy these custom gift cards.

It’s a great way to give the team a little something to cheer for and to help them stay healthy,” Ovechenkov said.

In a statement to ESPN, Ovechukk said that this was a great initiative to promote the league.

He also thanked the NHL and NHL Foundation for their support.

I feel like it’s something that’s important to do for the game of hockey and I’m happy that I get to be part of this,” he added.”

I feel honored to be a part of it.

I feel like it’s something that’s important to do for the game of hockey and I’m happy that I get to be part of this,” he added.

Cameron Drouin, a forward for the Toronto Maple Leafs, sent his wife and son a customized gift card for flu shots.

He was also thankful for NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman’s support of the league and the NHLFoundation.

He and his family are getting some of the same personalized gifts as other NHL players.CEDAR FALLS, Iowa (AP) Alex Ovi was thrilled when he received a customized hockey mask from the New England Patriots.

The Chicago Blackhawks player, who had to go without food and water for nearly two weeks because of cold weather, received a gift from the team.

The masks are designed by New England Revolution player Patrice Bergeron, who played for the Blackhawks for six seasons.

Bergeron has since joined the Bruins.

Ovi, who also got a personalized gift card from the Washington Capitals, said it was great to have a mask that was the right size and fit his body.

“It’s really nice that they have such a high quality product,” he told ESPN.

The Maple Leafs are giving away a customized jersey for all players who play for their NHL team and the organization, according to the NHL.

The jerseys are customized by goalie Roberto Luongo, who was a member of the Boston Bruins.

Luongo has been a longtime fan of the Blackhawks, having attended their games since they were founded in 1984.

Luongo is known for having a unique style of play that he calls “the one-timer.”

“You see the way he moves, he’s one of the best goaltenders in the world,” Luongo said of Luongo.

Luong is also a former goaltender for the Columbus Blue Jackets and Columbus Blue Bombers, the two teams he played for in the NHL for the past eight years.

Luong has been one

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