How to build a ‘custom’ gift for your boss or client

The custom gift is a big deal for the corporate gift-giving market, where consumers are often skeptical about the authenticity of items, and many gift-givers feel pressure to present items that have been sold at low prices to the public.

But some people who buy custom gifts say it is worth the investment.

Here are some ways to make your own gift that’s truly your boss’s or client’s.


Make a custom animal gift.

A few years ago, when my wife was working for a client who wanted a custom cat, we decided to make a custom gift for her.

We took the cat’s measurements, and cut out the ears, nose and mouth.

We put the tail on, and I bought some catnip and put it on the cat.

The cat loved it.

We also made a cat-shaped card that said, “This cat is mine.”

We had to wait about a month for a catnap, but we were delighted that the cat loved the card so much.


Make an animal-themed gift.

We bought a cat, a cow, a horse and a donkey from a pet store.

They were all cute, but they were all too big.

We cut the top off, and made a giant cat-themed cat-tooth necklace with a cat on it.

The cats were very affectionate, and they kept coming back to us. 3.

Make your own custom animal photo.

We made a custom photo of the cat with a big smile on its face.

We then went to a local pet store and bought a huge stuffed animal with a large smile on it, and hung it on a tree.

It was a beautiful experience, but the cat was just so adorable.


Make animal-inspired gift with your kids.

We have a little girl who loves cats, so we got her a cat mug and a cat necklace with two cats on it to wear around the house.

She loves it. 5.

Make customized cat-toy gift.

Our daughter was playing in our backyard when she saw a huge cat, so she asked us to make cat-sized toys for her to play with.

The toys are really cute, and we really enjoyed making them for her when we made the cat mug.

The dog loves the cats, and when she gets them, she asks us to put them in her lap so she can play with them.


Make personalized cat-puzzle.

We created a special cat-and-dog cat-petting session that we played with and which my husband and I enjoyed watching over and over.

She has two different kinds of cats, which are big and small.

She was very excited when she got the cat-dog toy.


Make handmade cat-hug.

We wanted to make something cute for my husband to make for her because he likes cats and dogs and loves cats so much, but he just couldn’t find a cat he could hug.

We started making cat-friendly cat-clothing and stuffed animals, and now he is so happy to see them, because he loves them.


Make custom cat-paperweight.

We were having fun with a few things, and my husband started asking, “How can we make some cat-related cat-printing materials to put on cat-watches and other cat-products to help with the cat population?”

He said, if we make cat paperweights, he’ll buy them.

We got a big box and started making a bunch of them, and it is a beautiful gift that he will cherish for years to come.


Make cat-in-a-can.

Our son was at school one day when a classmate said he wanted to take his pet cat for a walk.

We had the plan to make the cat go on a walk with the other students, but my husband thought that would be too cute for the other kids.

So we had the other children make a cute little cat-cart that could hold a cat and a dog.

It turned out to be a big success, and our son and his friends have been visiting the cart since it opened.


Make some custom cat wallpaper.

One of my daughter’s friends had a cat that was just a bit too small for a wallpaper and decided to do something to make it more fun.

We decided to take a piece of carpet and cut a big circle out of it.

Then we put some cat wallpaper on the circle, and placed a cat statue in the center of the circle.

She loved it so much that she wanted to bring the sculpture home with her.

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