How to buy a dog and then get it back

New Scientist article New science shows how to buy and keep a dog, even if it’s been stolen. 

A new study by the University of California, Santa Cruz, shows how to keep a puppy that was stolen from a home and later returned to its owner.

The study found that even if a dog was stolen, the thief can easily return the pet. 

“If the dog was returned to the person who stole it, it’s a pretty good deal for the thief, as it’s not the real dog,” said senior author Rachel Shafer, an associate professor of biology. 

When a thief takes a dog that has been stolen and returns it to the thief they get a refund, as well as some compensation.

But if the dog has been lost or stolen, they get nothing.

“The idea behind this is that people don’t like to take the responsibility for losing their dog, but they want to have a good relationship with it,” said Shafer.

“They’re not going to take it back if it doesn’t look right.

So if they can make a deal with the thief to return the dog, that might make sense.”

The researchers used a mathematical model to calculate how much money a dog can earn and what it can cost to keep it.

They then looked at how long it would take for a stolen dog to be returned to a thief. 

They found that a stolen puppy can earn $1,250 to $3,000, depending on how much time it takes for the dog to return. 

The dog can make up to $300 a month to keep the thief’s dog, according to the researchers.

“If a thief returns a stolen pet, the dog can be worth $400 a month, but if it is returned, the pet is worth only $200 a month,” Shafer said.

“It’s a tradeoff, but the thief would be getting more than the pet.”

The model shows that if the thief wants the stolen dog, they can earn more money than if the pet were returned to someone who did not want it.

The researchers also found that if a stolen animal is returned to an owner and kept, it can earn about $200 to $400.

The authors hope that the model can be used to predict the likelihood of a stolen vehicle being recovered and rehomed.

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