How to get more thoughtful custom gift ideas: Here are the 10 tips I use in my business

I love this video.

It’s about one of the most powerful tools I have at my disposal. 

I get so many great ideas, and the more thoughtful I get, the more I can put them into action.

I’m sure I’ll have more ideas as I build my business, and I encourage you to share your ideas.


Create a list of items you would like to buy. 

For a personalized gift, make a list for each item you’d like to purchase.

Then, write down how much it would cost you to purchase the item on your list.


Find a company that’s a favorite of yours. 

Use your favorite company’s email address to send personalized email invitations to the employees, and include a note about how much you’d love to meet the CEO or a top-tier team member.


Make an appointment with your favorite CEO. 

If you have a favorite CEO, make an appointment at their office to talk about your business, including what products you’d be interested in purchasing, the company’s product and service, and what they’re working on right now.


Ask the CEO about your product. 

Include in your invitation a short description of what you’d want to purchase, the product you’d need, and any other questions you may have about your item.


Tell the CEO of your favorite brand, like Fitbit or Jawbone. 

List the brands you’d purchase from, and then include in the invitation the names of their product lines.


Give your CEO a gift card to use at an upcoming event. 

Get a coupon for a $100 purchase of your business products, and send your CEO an email to tell them that you’d really like to meet them at the event.


Put a gift in your inbox. 

When your CEO is invited to an event, give him or her a gift, and leave it in your email inbox.


Set up a weekly email. 

Organize your email and create a list with each email from your company, to make it easy to reach them on a weekly basis.


Go on a social media campaign. 

This can be anything from sending a newsletter, an invite, or a video invitation.


Send a personalized message to the CEO.

Ask him or a team member to make an offer, or ask them to invite you to a special event.

Use this as a reminder to follow up with them when you’re not around.

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