‘I feel sick’: Man with ‘fake’ prescription is forced to wear a mask as doctors warn of health risks

A man who says he was prescribed fake prescriptions to fight the flu was forced to use a mask for the first time in a month after being found to be at risk of developing pneumonia.

The man, who asked to remain anonymous, says he suffered chest pains when he arrived in Newcastle last week after the prescription was filled at the Royal Free hospital.

But a week later he felt a “puffy” and “tremendous” chest pain, he told the BBC.

He was told by hospital staff to use an oxygen mask, which he did, and then was admitted to hospital again.

He says the doctor then told him to get tested.

He has since started taking the mask.

The Newcastle man says he is “very lucky” that doctors were able to detect the potential for pneumonia and prescribed a more effective medication.

The BBC understands the man has a previous history of respiratory problems and is also concerned about the health of his family.

Newcastle Hospital says the man had a mask, and was taken to hospital on Wednesday and tested at home.

Newcastle Health says the hospital is “investigating the events leading up to his admission”.

It says the Newcastle man was “not prescribed an anti-viral medication” and is “currently receiving an anti inflammatory medication”.

The BBC contacted the Royal College of Surgeons, which regulates medical devices, but a spokesperson declined to comment on the matter.

It is unclear whether the man will have to wear the mask for any longer.

What is a mask?

A mask is a type of device that allows you to wear your mask to protect your eyes and face.

There are many types of masks, but they typically contain some type of face cover, earplugs or breathing apparatus.

A mask can be made from any material and includes a face shield, goggles, mask, gloves, mask sleeve, mask lining, mask cover and a mask lining.

A typical mask includes a hood, mouth guard, goggles and mask.

It can also include a nose cover, face mask, goggles or face mask sleeve.

A person wearing a mask has a mask on their face, although there are times when it is not required.

A normal person wearing an ordinary mask would only be able to see, hear or breathe normally.

However, if they are exposed to an air pollution problem, they could suffer from asthma, allergies, or bronchitis.

Breathing masks are designed to stop you breathing in the air.

You may need to wear one at a time, although some are disposable and can be washed away if they get dirty or are damaged.

Where to get one A person using a mask can purchase a mask online.

You can also order one from a doctor at a pharmacy.

However you need to be able wear the appropriate mask at all times.

Some masks are made from fabrics, such as polyester, and may not fit properly under clothing.

Some can be fitted with an external face shield.

It may also be necessary to wear gloves and masking when using masks.

If you have asthma or allergies, they may need special gloves or masks.

A health and safety advice booklet on masks is available on the NHS website.

You should always wear a face mask to avoid breathing in harmful chemicals.

If breathing is difficult or you are having trouble breathing, contact a doctor.

The masks have the potential to make breathing difficult or difficult breathing difficult, depending on how well they work.

There is a link between wearing a face or mask and breathing problems and, if not used correctly, they can be fatal.

How do you avoid getting pneumonia?

You can reduce the risk of getting pneumonia by wearing a head covering, including a mask and an eye cover.

You also need to take a short rest every day to help reduce the symptoms of pneumonia.

You do not need to avoid being at work, visiting relatives, shopping, or even taking a long walk.

If your symptoms worsen, you should see your GP.

There’s no cure for pneumonia, but it is treatable and there are some ways to prevent it.

For more information about pneumonia, visit the NHS: Find out more about how pneumonia is treated, and whether you should have one.

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