When I wanted to go out, I wanted the best things in life, and that’s why I bought a custom home

In a city where there’s a lack of affordable housing, many people have opted for a custom house.

But that’s not always a good choice, especially for those who are not used to spending their money on a home that’s custom made.

We spoke to one person who has made it his mission to make his own home in Hyderabad, a city that has been experiencing a housing shortage for a long time.

The house he’s built is a modern, eco-friendly home with the help of custom furniture.

It’s his attempt to reclaim the dream of the city.

“I bought a house from a company that makes custom furniture and I bought this house with the intention of making it my home.

But as I have grown in my life, I’ve realized that I don’t like it when people want to make me their home,” said Nana Kukkal, 27, a student who lives in Hyderabadi, the city where he and his wife were born.

“When I want to go to a party, I want my friends and family to see me as the owner, and I don`t want to let them make me look like a slumlord.”

The idea of building a custom-built home started with a simple request from a local resident in May.

“The next day, my son came to me and asked me to make a custom built house for him and his family.

I agreed,” he said.

After building his house in the heart of Hyderabad`s residential area, Kukakal said he`s been building custom homes ever since.

He`s not only building a house for himself, he`ll also be building another one for his two children, who are both in school.

“They are my life now, they are my kids.

I want them to have the same dream as me.

I am doing this to show that I am not only a man, I am also a woman,” he added. “

I am making this custom house for them.

I am doing this to show that I am not only a man, I am also a woman,” he added.

Kukal’s custom home was built from a series of pieces from a variety of different brands.

He chose a variety to fit his family`s needs.

“There were no problems in the construction process,” he explained.

“In the beginning, I only bought the basics and then decided to add more as I wanted them to be as functional as possible.”

“We have made it look like an apartment.

It has a kitchenette, bathroom, and a bed,” he adds.

It’s not just Kuk Kukkhals home that is built from custom furniture, he has also created a custom TV for his family to watch the sunrise. “

It is the first time I have ever had to deal with a shortage of flats, so I wanted it to be something they can feel proud of.”

It’s not just Kuk Kukkhals home that is built from custom furniture, he has also created a custom TV for his family to watch the sunrise.

“We had a TV built for me, but we did not have the money for a proper one,” he says.

“Now I have one, and my son wants to watch it.”

He added that he has been trying to build a custom bathtub for himself as well, but he hasn`t had any luck yet.

“Even the bathtub was a little bit of a struggle.

We decided to buy one from a furniture company, but it was not quite as functional.

I decided I would build my own bathtub,” he explains.

“Then we built the shower and got the money together.”

When asked what he would have done differently, he said he would try to build another custom home for himself.

“But if I build another one, I`ll be able to build more,” he stressed.

The house he built in Hyderadadi, India, is not only about creating a home for his children, but for himself too.

The whole house is custom built to look like his own, with custom touches such as custom door handles, custom metal accents, and an extra bathtub that is designed to look as though it`s inside the house.

“You can see from the picture, that the bath is not as large as the bathroom, so that made it easier for me to build it,” he laughed.

“My son, he wanted a bathtub with a water feature and it was too big, so we bought an old bathtub, which has a small shower and a smaller bathtub.”

When it comes to his family, he doesn`t worry about money.

“If we are having problems, we are happy to talk to the police,” he concluded.

He plans to keep building and renovating his custom home

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