When Irish Catholics Donate to the GOP, They Are Taking a Stand Against a Trump Presidency

An article by NRO contributor Jonathan Landay This article originally appeared at National Review Online.

More from National Review: Trump’s Anti-Gay Agenda and the GOP’s Religious Right Now that the GOP is officially in control of Congress and the White House, Trump has signed an executive order to defund Planned Parenthood and rescind federal funding for Planned Parenthood affiliates.

Trump also ordered the Department of Homeland Security to stop sending “family planning services” to immigrant families in the U.S. and to stop enforcing the Obama administration’s anti-abortion rule on “fetus-related health care.”

Trump also signed an order that would eliminate the Affordable Care Act’s coverage of contraceptive coverage.

The Supreme Court has ruled that a “fundamental right” to abortion does not extend to the health care services a woman needs to make her own personal health care decisions.

In the meantime, the GOP and the Religious Right are already trying to push through their own anti-choice agenda.

And while Trump has publicly backed away from his anti-LGBTQ positions, he has not gone as far as to reverse the Supreme Court’s Roe v.

Wade decision.

He has promised to keep the federal government’s funding for Title X family planning programs and Planned Parenthood clinics.

In this regard, he is following in the footsteps of former GOP President George W. Bush, who signed an Executive Order in 2002 that said that if the government does not “promote the health and welfare of women,” it must stop paying for those services.

He did not rescind it until 2003, two years after the Supreme, while also saying that it would not “encourage” abortion, as Trump has now done.

Trump’s order was in response to a petition signed by about 3,000 U.s Catholics for a “conscience-based approach” to family planning.

The petition stated that abortion and contraception “do not promote the health or welfare of our women.”

The Religious Right is pushing this strategy in an effort to force Catholic families to “change their ways.”

The Republican Party’s response to this anti-family planning movement has been to “defund Planned Parenthood” by “stripping them of the funds to provide family planning services.”

The new Trump Administration has ordered the U of T to “stop paying Planned Parenthood for abortions, and stop providing contraceptive services.”

Trump is also threatening to defund the Women, Infants, and Children Health Services of the U, and the U will be defunded “if the government cannot guarantee the safety and security of all Americans.”

This is a very dangerous and dangerous move, and I am calling on all Americans to join us in standing up to this assault on the Constitution and on the religious freedom of American families.

A “pro-family” bill is coming to the House of Representatives, and if it passes, it would be the first bill to take effect since Roe v Wade.

The American people have a right to know if and how their money is being spent.

We should be able to vote with our wallets and their tax dollars on behalf of the health of our families.

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