When we talk about ‘the future of RTE’, it’s all about the future of the future.

RTE is the name of the broadcasting group that operates the Irish Radio Television Service, the country’s public broadcaster, which has long been seen as the countrys leading broadcaster.

The group has been working to build up its network of public broadcasters, and the first step in this was in 2015 when it set up the National Broadcasters Council.

It is now the largest organisation of public broadcaster in the world, with more than 3,000 public broadcasters across Ireland.

In recent months, RTE has been trying to attract more public sector funding and improve its online services, and last month it unveiled a new online portal that will allow users to access news, sports and information from across the country.

However, RTe faces a long way to make good on its ambitious goal of building up its services in the next five years.

Last year, Rte announced it was cutting 300 jobs, and its board said that it was planning to cut back on public service jobs over the next two years.

It was also set to lay off staff on Monday.

It is not clear if RTe will follow through on this.

Last month, a group of senior executives at RTE, including the CEO, said they would continue to improve its service and look at “other opportunities”.

Last year saw a significant increase in RTE subscriptions, and RTE expects to see more of that growth this year.

However there is also concern that this will cause a shift in RTe’s funding away from its public broadcasting arm, which already depends on government funding.RTE’s board said last month that the new online platform will not be “revenue neutral” and will have a “significant impact on the future operation of the public broadcasting organisation”.

The announcement was met with consternation by some public sector unions.

They argued that the change could jeopardise the services of thousands of public sector staff and that the cuts could be too severe.RTe has said it is committed to maintaining its public services and said it plans to “continue to build on the services that our staff have provided over the past three decades”.

It has also said that the website will continue to provide information on its history, programming, and other public service matters.

Rte’s public service arm is already seeing significant savings this year as a result of a recent government announcement that public sector pay increases will be phased in over five years from July 2018.

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