Which wines have been the best in Europe for 2018?

For the first time in 2018, Al Jazeera Europe asked the wine experts from around the world to share their personal experiences with us, in order to highlight the best wines from all over the world.

Here is the results of our survey.1.

Alsace-Lorraine: La Mer, Monde  (US$14,971)This sparkling wine from France is a great example of a wine that can really be enjoyed all over Europe.

It is a blend of wine from the south of France and from the region of Champagne, which make it a little bit lighter than most sparkling wines from France.

The colour of the wine is golden, with lots of red grapes. 

The wine is slightly sweet and refreshing. 

It is quite a little wine, but it is a very good value.2.

Amalfi, Amorigua, Italy(US $15,871) The Amalfis of Sicily are famous for their delicate wines.

This is one of the best Amalfina wines available in Italy, and one of their most expensive. 

Its a beautiful white wine, with a lovely golden colour. 

On a cold day, it really has a very refreshing, delicious taste. 


Malbec, Marche d’Orsay, France(US +$12,941) Malbec is a white wine that has a lot of depth and complexity.

Its rich, creamy and slightly sour. 

There is a bit of bitterness and it has a sweet finish, which is not as complex as many of the wines from other regions. 


Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Champagne, France(US) This is a rich and well-balanced wine that gives you a really good sense of depth in terms of taste and colour.

It has a rich, white colour, with some dark fruits, and a little sweetness. 


Sauvillon, Cuvée de La Mere, Mont Blanc, France A classic Chardonnerie of France.

Its a classic Chateau-style wine, which means that the grapes were picked in the Chateaux of the past. 


Olive, Lorillard, Bordeaux, FranceThis is another classic, with subtle notes of fruit and some deep and rich flavours. 


Fir, Norden, Belgium(US+$14.99) A great tasting wine, this is an excellent red wine, and is also a classic French red.

It’s a little darker than most other reds, but its not as bright as some of the other red wines. 


Sambuca, Sauvignons Chardonns, Tuscany, Italy The famous Sauvouets Chardonne, is an old wine from Italy, which was very popular before it was rediscovered by Napoleonic wine enthusiasts. 


La Goulard, Chardonnier de Beaujolais, Barcelona, SpainThis is one the best Chardonners in Spain.

The Chardonnes in the Goulards are all aged in wine barrels. 


Champagnac, Vitez, Rome, FranceThe Champagnacs are the oldest Chardonntes, and they are also one of France’s best reds. 


Côte de Beaune, Gran de la Faveur, Port Royal, Canada(US -$12.49) Gourmand Chardonnaics from France, are the first Chardonnantes to be rediscovered in Canada, but they were actually imported from France and imported into Canada by a French wine producer. 


Michelin-starred Chardononnay , Oriel, Lausanne, Switzerland(US US$12) Misanthrope Chardonons are a very special wine.

They are very special because they were made from grapes grown in Spain, not in France. 


Lavandale, St. Helena, Argentina A very nice red wine from Argentina, with rich, red grapes, rich aromas, and lots of flavour. 


Dry Cabernet Sauviers, Saint-Lazare, Brussels, Belgium A beautiful wine from Belgium, but I think it is better than the other wines.

It reminds me of a nice Chardonniere from France with a bit more complexity and richness. 


Hamburgers, Wiesbaden, Germany This one is one for the serious wine drinker.

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