Why you should shop for gifts in Australia

You’ve probably already tried shopping for gifts online, but how about getting in touch with your local gift shop?

If you’ve got any friends who don’t know the difference between gifts, you might be able to get them to share the good news. 

Here are some tips to make the most of your online shopping experience. 

Gift shop rules If you’re in Australia, you can only shop at gift shops.

They must follow the same rules as gift shops do, but you must follow them if you want to receive a gift. 

You can’t buy or sell gift items online, unless you’re buying gifts yourself.

You can’t sell gifts that are used or are currently in use by another person.

You can buy gift cards, vouchers, or gifts that you can’t use for other items.

You cannot buy gift items with money you’re not entitled to.

You’re allowed to buy gift certificates, but only for one gift.

You cannot buy gifts with cash, credit cards, or cheques.

You’re also not allowed to use gift certificates for items you don’t have the right to buy.

The gift shop must:Be located within Australia.

Only offer gift items you’ve bought yourself.

This means you can buy anything that you’ve purchased yourself (whether you’ve picked it up online or you’ve made it yourself).

You can only purchase a single gift, not two.

Your total value for the gift must be the same as your gift amount.

You have to give a gift to a customer who is not the one who picked it. 

If you’re on a first-come, first-served basis, it means the customer who picked the gift first must be present to receive the gift.

The customer who received the gift last must have a ticket to the gift shop. 

Don’t sell gift certificates.

You may sell a gift certificate for a friend’s or a family member’s use.

However, you’re still not allowed for that to be your entire value.

You must also give a receipt for the sale, but not the gift certificate.

You are allowed to sell gift cards for the same amount as the gift that was purchased.

You aren’t allowed to give gift certificates to someone else for personal use.

You must give a valid receipt for each sale.

If you buy something and return it later, you must give the credit card number, expiration date, and name of the gift buyer to the customer or customer’s nearest gift shop for a refund.

If the customer has received the item, you need to show the card and name to the person who bought it.

The customer or the customer’s closest gift shop should keep a copy of the receipt.

You should also take the following steps if you receive a refund:Provide the credit or debit card number of the customer to the nearest gift seller. 

This means if the gift seller doesn’t have a credit or a debit card, you should contact them and provide a card or a valid credit card, or both.

The store owner or employee who originally sold the gift is responsible for verifying that the gift has been returned and, if possible, paying the cost of returning the gift to the store. 

Keep the receipt in a safe place for a reasonable period of time, even if you don and never will buy the gift again. 

When you do return the gift, make sure the credit cards and/or cheques have been used to buy the item. 

Be prepared to give more than the gift item.

When you receive the credit, you may be able receive a larger gift than the item that was originally purchased.

If you receive more than one gift, you will be required to return the different gift items that are currently unused.

You’ll need to pay for the refund if you buy more than $50 worth of gifts in a single transaction.

You will also need to send an email to the Gift Shop Manager with details of your order and your receipt for return and the amount of the refund. 

Check the local gift shops that you shop at.

If they’re not local, you’ll need your local retailer to contact them.

If their contact details aren’t on their website, it may be worth checking with them first.

The local gift store’s manager can help you with all the questions you may have about gifts.

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